Parking on SC campus

Many students at Springfield College, most specifically sophomores, juniors, seniors and Graduate Students have the privilege of bringing a car to campus. This makes both off-campus travel as well as traveling home a lot easier. With the privilege of having a car on campus comes regulations and responsibilities. The Springfield College department of Public Safety, which oversees the driving and parking on campus, has proven over time to be far from lenient with the set of rules. 

There are a variety of parking violations, which result in tickets and fines. This has been a hotly debated topic on campus as of late. Many believe the rules and fines are too strict, while some understand what Public Safety and Springfield College in general is trying to achieve by having rules and regulations with parking on campus.

While there is a variety of opinions and arguments related to Parking on campus. There are set rules that need to be followed, and if not followed, will result in tickets and fines that need to be paid. While the fines might not just disappear, there are definitely some aspects that have room for change. Arguments such as not having enough spots for the number of people in the dormitory with cars is an argument that is truly valid and can be used as a way to spark discussion and hopefully come to a compromise between the students and Public Safety in the foreseeable future.

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